To our loyal clients and those concerned, below is an update from our legal staff on our current status. Please revisit the page for updated information as we have it.

Governor Abbott and Behavioral Health Executive Council Members:


Sacred Oak Medical Center, LLC (SOMC) is a behavioral health and chemical misuse hospital in Houston, Texas. SOMC has been targeted by the Texas Health and Human Services Commission (HHSC)—denying, without foundation or due process, our license to renew on December 21, 2020. There were no incidences of patient harm cited during the survey for renewal and every minor violation cited by Texas HHSC surveyors was addressed regardless of validity. This blatant, and seemingly intentional, harassment has gone on for two years. It makes absolutely no sense for Texas state officials to take these irregular, unjustified actions or to exert this extraordinary effort to shut down a brand new behavioral health hospital (licensed May 2017), especially with the statewide shortage of behavioral health services which were provided by this facility.


I have done everything in my power to try to get someone within the State to investigate this situation. To date, I have not received so much as an email  response from anyone that has any authority over the Texas HHSC. I have made efforts to contact both Kristy Jordan and Sonja Gaines (Texas HHSC Oversight Personnel), neither of which bother to even respond. Five SOMC nurses and doctors also filed formal complaints with Texas HHSC as medical professionals testifying to the corruption they have witnessed. Despite being assured that these five complaints would be investigated by someone outside of Texas HHSC, not one SOMC medical professional has received so much as an email response.


Clearly, Texas HHSC has no oversight, nor accountability—they do what they want to do. Or, perhaps what they’re instructed to do by outside parties. Corruption within Texas HHSC is the only explanation for the actions taken against SOMC.


Governor Abbott, it falls in your hands to oversee state agencies like Texas HHSC, especially when their actions run afoul of the best interest of the citizens of Texas. There are only ten behavioral health hospitals in all of Houston, the 4th largest city in the country. With a shocking lack of behavioral health facilities and exceeding demand for these services and beds, any reasonable person would expect Texas HHSC Oversight Personnel to be aggressively questioning how Texas HHSC could possibly take a license away from a brand new, $57 million facility. When Texas HHSC revoked our license and mandated that we vacate all our patients on December 21, 2020, it took us three days to find available beds in Houston. This attests to the lack of resources for behavioral health patients in the city and points a stark spotlight demonstrating why Texas is ranked 50th out of 51 for access to behavioral health services.


Texas HHSC’s mission statement necessitates: “improving the health, safety, and well-being of Texans with good stewardship of public resources.” We ask that you please hold Texas HHSC to their stated mission and rectify the injustice sustained by Sacred Oak Medical Center and the Texas citizens at large.


Below is a link to a video that briefly details what has transpired over the last two years. I have six days of video of the Texas HHSC surveyors. Everything stated is documented and factual.