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DWI is an acronym for Driving While Impaired and Driving While Intoxicated. Texas has a zero-tolerance policy when it comes to driving while intoxicated, so when a driver is caught with alcohol in their system, they are cited with a DWI. This is a serious criminal charge because the driver lacked the mental and physical capabilities necessary to operate a vehicle, which resulted in putting themselves and others in danger. Once an individual receives their third DWI, it is a felony. 

Individuals who have received a DWI may not be alcohol addicts in every case, but the truth is that receiving one is a key indicator that substance abuse is already present, or is about to be. A major sign that someone is struggling with alcohol addiction is that they will still drink even though they have had legal, health, and relationship problems. For example, even though alternative modes of transportation are available, those struggling with an alcohol addiction will still get behind the wheel and risk causing accidents and more legal problems as a result.

Getting through an addiction is a lifelong battle, but through the many programs we offer at Sacred Oak, we will help individuals suffering from alcohol use disorder fight and get better every day so that they can live a happier, healthier life.

Texas DWI Intervention

This program is required and approved by the Texas court system and focuses on individuals who have been cited with a DWI multiple times. It was designed to educate participants about their underlying chemical dependency and the risks associated with it. In addition, it provides an intensive curriculum over the course of 7 1/2 weeks so that participants learn about their triggers and the specific actions they can take to prevent past behaviors. We are confident that this program will help each participant start their personal path to recovery in a safe, encouraging environment.

Certified by the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation (TDLR) ​​and Approved by the Texas Department of Public Safety (TxDPS)

DWI Intervention Program

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Our personalized treatment programs at Sacred Oak Medical Center are individualized to focus on each person’s unique struggles and needs. Sacred Oak’s treatment team will assist patients in discovering and utilizing the tools they need to be able to develop a healthier, stronger, more positive life. Throughout the treatment experience, we work together with our patients and their families to support the best possible outcome for success in the future.

Supportive Friend

DWI Intervention Program

Our Partial Hospitalization Program is for individuals who have been cited with a DWI and are in the midst of their journey to overcoming their fight with substance abuse, and remain in need of high-structured support during the day. 

The goal of this program is to provide attention and structure that allows the patient to return home every day, which encourages them to put what they learn into practice so they can return to the normal day-to-day activities. This is the most intensive program we offer, so it's crucial that the patient's support system is present during their therapy and recovery, even when they have gone home.

The Intensive Outpatient Program is ideally suited for individuals who have successfully completed the PHP. At this point, they are more stable and inclined to maintaining their sobriety and recovery from substance abuse while they give themselves more responsibility. This outpatient program for alcohol addiction allows for more flexibility in the amount of hours each class and therapy session lasts, but it still offers the necessary structure for relapse prevention and further DWI prevention.

The Supportive Outpatient Program is our most flexible program for managing chemical dependency. It is ideal for individuals who require less intensity and more support throughout their recovery from alcohol addiction. This program is ideal for those who have completed the Partial Hospitalization Program, as well as the Intensive Outpatient Program. This program offers individual therapy sessions as desired and offers 3 hours or more of group sessions. This is a great way to encourage the patient's sobriety and personal responsibility so that they don't receive a DWI again.

Sacred Oak Medical Center is a recently constructed, state-of-the-art facility which opened its doors in March of 2017. Our services include Adult inpatient mental health, Adult medical detox and substance abuse rehabilitation, partial hospitalization and outpatient programs. Our hospital hosts 80 beds and expanded facilities. We are accepting referrals for all programs.


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