The adult inpatient programs at Sacred Oak Medical Center are designed to provide the highest quality of care to our patients. Comprehensive treatment is provided in a comfortable, compassionate, and individualized manner, taking into account the unique circumstances of each person. Our team of highly qualified medical professionals are committed to working with patients, providing education on their diagnosis and developing an individualized treatment plan that will help them on their road to recovery and health.

Sacred Oak Medical Center provides two Adult Inpatient Programs:

  • Acute InPatient Care for Adults: This program is designed for adults ages 18 and up who are experiencing complex psychiatric and behavioral problems. Treatment includes individual therapy, group therapy, medication management, family closing session and education, and discharge planning for sustained recovery. All patients are cared for with respect and compassion by a multidisciplinary treatment team of professionals, which consist of psychiatrists, therapists, nurse practitioners, behavioral health specialists, and nurses. The objective is to guide the patients to reaching a point of stabilization and assist in coordinating the next steps after discharge.

  • Adult InPatient Chemical Dependency: This program is intended for adults ages 18 and up who are suffering from substance abuse and/or chemical dependency. With around-the-clock supervision, a structured schedule, a range of therapeutic activities, and dedicated teams of experienced professionals, inpatient rehabilitation provides individuals with the comprehensive support they need to overcome chemical dependency and certain co-occurring conditions. A patient’s treatment plan will vary according to their unique needs, but each person’s treatment will encompass psycho-educational lectures (to learn about addiction and recovery), group therapy (to discuss and process what you have learned as well as your feelings and any issues that may surface), individual therapy, family therapy and education (because addiction is a family disease), and 12-step programming.

For more information about our InPatient Programs, contact Sacred Oak Medical Center today. Our staff of medical professions are fully committed to working with our patients to help Repair the Body, Mend the Mind, and Heal the Spirit.

InPatient Programs

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Our personalized treatment programs at Sacred Oak Medical Center are individualized to focus on each person’s unique struggles and needs. Sacred Oak’s treatment team will assist patients in discovering and utilizing the tools they need to be able to develop a healthier, stronger, more positive life. Throughout the treatment experience, we work together with our patients and their families to support the best possible outcome for success in the future.

Sacred Oak Medical Center is a recently constructed, state-of-the-art facility which opened its doors in March of 2017. Our services include Adult inpatient mental health, Adult medical detox and substance abuse rehabilitation, partial hospitalization and outpatient programs. Our hospital hosts 80 beds and expanded facilities. We are accepting referrals for all programs.


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