Chemical Dependency - How the Family is Also Affected and How to Recover Together

Chemical dependency, otherwise known as drug abuse or drug addiction, is a debilitating illness that affects at least 10% of adults in the United States. 10% may not sound like much, but to put it in perspective, that’s about 20.2 million adults who have experienced substance abuse. 75% of those adults have not received treatment and 50.5% of them also battled challenges with their behavioral health. It matters less about how many are affected, and more about the fact that people are affected in the first place.

At Sacred Oak Medical Center in Houston, we actively help our patients overcome their addiction, but we also insist on the family’s role in recovery as well. Here’s how the family plays a crucial role in recovery from chemical dependency.

Drug Abuse and Drug Addiction are a Family Disease

When we say this, we mean that the patient is not the only one who has been affected by their drug addiction–their family and loved ones have also been affected.

Usually, relationships are broken due to a loss of trust, and sometimes there is a great financial burden the family is experiencing. We have also seen family members that feel like they’re at fault or weren’t good enough, and that’s why the patient turned to drug or alcohol abuse in the first place.

Sacred Oak in Houston Offers Family Sessions to Aid in Drug and Alcohol Rehab

It is because of this that the family must also recover together, especially if the patient has been experiencing extreme shame and guilt.

When someone is dealing with substance addiction or substance abuse, often times their family members are angry, hurt, and filled with resentment, and while this is completely understandable, it will not help the patient. This is why, in addition to our Intensive Outpatient Program and Supportive Outpatient Program for Chemical Dependency, we also offer family therapy sessions. These sessions facilitate the healing process and create an atmosphere of understanding, sympathy, and love so that everyone can start recovering and focus on supporting one another.

If you or a loved one has been battling a drug or alcohol addiction and is ready to recover, then please get an assessment so we can gain an understanding of what treatment regiment might be most helpful to you. We are fully prepared to help you and your family surpass this trying time and come out stronger and healthier than before.

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