How Alcohol Addiction Manifests and Some Programs to Heal Houston Adults From Chemical Dependency

Alcohol Addiction is defined as an illness in which an individual regularly and uncontrollably drinks an excessive amount of alcohol. The affected individual will continue to consume it even if their lives have been negatively affected by their habits. This usually occurs due to the individual being dependent upon it, whether emotionally or physically–and it’s not rare to see adults experience both types of chemical dependencies. Here is how alcohol addictions may manifest and what programs our alcohol addiction rehab center in Houston offers.

How Adult Alcohol Addiction May Manifest

Damaged Relationships

Substance abuse and alcohol addiction may result in, and manifest as, damaged relationships due to a change in behavior and personality. When addicted, the brain reconfigures how it understands pleasure, causing it to associate pleasure with alcohol consumption. This further fuels the addiction.

Legal Problems

Alcohol addiction leads to many legal problems, such as getting cited with DWI’s, and in more severe cases, even domestic abuse if alcohol encourages that behavior.

Houston Outpatient Programs to Heal From Alcohol Addiction Resulting From Chemical Dependency

In order to heal from chemical dependency and live a healthier life, our patients must first understand the root cause of their alcohol abuse. Here is some information on the programs we offer.

Class for DWI Repeat Offenders

DWI’s are a serious charge in Texas, so we offer an intervention program that caters to repeat offenders and focuses on understanding the underlying cause.

Intensive Outpatient Program for Chemical Dependency

Although this program is less restricting than our Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP), this outpatient program is still well structured. It combines group therapy sessions with individual therapy sessions over the course of 6 weeks.

Supportive Outpatient Program for Alcohol Addiction

As the least restrictive outpatient program we offer, this is ideal for out adult patients who have completed the Intensive program and wish to have more support as they go back to their normal life. This program is primarily comprised of weekly group sessions.

Sacred Oak Medical Center in Houston Aims to Help Adults Recover From Their Chemical Dependency

Chemical dependency and alcohol addiction are debilitating and severely disrupt the lives of the patient and their loved ones. Just like other mental illnesses, this is nobody’s fault. If you or a loved one suffer from alcohol addiction and wish to recover, please get an assessment so we can develop a custom treatment plan.

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