Is Intensive Outpatient Treatment Effective for Behavioral Health?

Although mental health for adolescents is an issue that is getting some rightful attention, adult mental health is not spoken about as often because there is still a stigma associated with it, even though it's widely common for adults to develop a mental illness. It is estimated that 1 in 5 adults will experience mental illness in any given year. 1 in 25 adults will experience a level of mental illness that interferes with their day-to-day routine. Some may even develop drug or alcohol addictions as a result of substance abuse as a coping mechanism.

At Sacred Oak, we are committed to helping adults work through their behavioral health challenges. Although many first think of fully immersive in-patient programs at rehab clinics as the primary means of getting depression treatment and improving overall mental health, outpatient programs are also a viable option. Are they just as effective?

Which Form of Behavioral Health Treatment is Best?

The truth is that between our In-Patient Behavioral Health Program, Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP), and our Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP), no single one is necessarily better or more effective than the others. Recovery is a deeply personal, lifelong fight, so which program you select at any given time depends entirely on where the individual is in their journey to better mental health.

Our Intensive Outpatient Program for Behavioral Health

The Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) is best suited to individuals who have completed our In-Patient Behavioral Health treatment and/or our Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP), and have since reached a point in their treatment for depression or other mental illness where they are more stable and no longer need constant, round-the-clock care. This program, although more flexible than the aforementioned, remains highly-structured and thorough in order to ensure the patient has continued support through their rehab.

This program allows patients to work with our qualified medical professionals to learn about the symptoms of behavioral health issues, as well as healthy ways to overcome them instead of resorting to substance abuse, resulting in a more stable foundation for their continued recovery.

How The Intensive Outpatient Program for Mental Illness Works

The program lasts for an average length of 6 weeks and consists of 3 group sessions a week, all of which last 3 hours. It also consists of 2-3 individual sessions a month. To help encourage the patient and remind them they are not alone, we offer both daytime and evening hours for sessions, in order to make time for them and ensure they get the support they need.

Sacred Oak Tailors Treatments to Every Individual Looking to Improve Their Mental Health

Depression treatment as well as treatment for other mental illnesses are never one-size-fits-all solutions. Our professionals will tailor treatment plans to each individual so that they can get the most out of our programs and learn to Repair the Body, Mend the Mind, and Heal the Spirit. Please get an assessment if you feel that you or a loved one are in need of an intensive outpatient program to recover from behavioral health challenges.

Sacred Oak Medical Center is a recently constructed, state-of-the-art facility which opened its doors in March of 2017. Our services include Adult inpatient mental health, Adult medical detox and substance abuse rehabilitation, partial hospitalization and outpatient programs. Our hospital hosts 80 beds and expanded facilities. We are accepting referrals for all programs.


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