Outpatient Programs For Adult Behavioral Health in Houston, TX

If you read our previous blog, then you know that at Sacred Oak Medical Center in Houston, we are continuously fighting the stigma that surrounds adult mental illness. Stigmas are harmful, and rather than ridiculing adults who suffer from mental illness, we should help and support them. This is why we offer a Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP) and an Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) for adult behavioral health. Here is how they compare.

PHP - Partial Hospitalization Program for Adults Suffering From Mental Illness

Our PHP provides non-inpatient care to adults who are facing challenges in their behavioral health. It is an intense and highly structured program that is especially geared to those of our patients who are experiencing issues with their behavioral health, but may or may not also be dealing with substance abuse, addiction, and chemical dependency on top of it. Our goal with this program is to prepare our patients to get back to their normal home lives and ease this transition so they have a solid foundation as they continue on with their recovery. We achieve this by addressing and managing stressors and triggers, as well as the symptoms that follow.

This program lasts for 2 months and consists of 5 classes a week, each lasting 6 hours, but we will tailor it accordingly, depending on the patient’s personal case.

IOP - Intensive Outpatient Program for Adult Behavioral Health Challenges

The IOP is best suited to individuals who have either completed our In-Patient Behavioral Health treatment and/or our Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP). If they haven’t completed these programs, then their particular case must be one that allows for the greater flexibility the IOP offers. However, greater flexibility does not mean this program is extremely lenient. We still ensure it is highly structured to ensure our patient gets the help they need in their depression treatment or other mental illness treatment.

The program lasts about 6 weeks and consists of 3 group sessions a week, each lasting 3 hours. It also consists of 2-3 individual sessions on a monthly basis.

Sacred Oak Tailors Treatments to Every Adult Looking to Improve Their Behavioral Health

Depression treatment, and mental illness treatment in general, are not one-size-fits-all solutions. Our medical professionals tailor their treatment plans to each individual’s needs and revise as necessary. If you or a loved one need to treat mental illness and are seeking an effective outpatient program, then please get an assessment so we can begin charting the path to recovery.

Sacred Oak Medical Center is a recently constructed, state-of-the-art facility which opened its doors in March of 2017. Our services include Adult inpatient mental health, Adult medical detox and substance abuse rehabilitation, partial hospitalization and outpatient programs. Our hospital hosts 80 beds and expanded facilities. We are accepting referrals for all programs.


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