Some Ways Alcohol Addiction Can Affect Your Life

Alcohol addiction, which is a common form of substance abuse, is a disease in which an individual regularly and uncontrollably drinks an excessive amount of alcohol. Drinking so much alcohol usually occurs as a result of some type of reliance on it, whether it be an emotional dependence or a physical one. Many individuals may even experience both kinds of dependencies. Furthermore, an individual with an addiction to alcohol will continue to consume it even if their lives have been negatively affected by their drinking habits. Negative consequences can manifest as damaged relationships and legal problems, among other things.

Damaged Relationships

A key sign of substance abuse is that of changed behavior and personality, as the brain reconfigures how it perceives pleasure and explicitly associates it with alcohol. For example, an adult, who was originally very pleasant, warmhearted, and always up for spending time with loved ones, who is now battling an alcohol addiction may become distant from their friends and family and may even develop some anger when confronted or questioned about the shift in their behavior.

This can result in damaged relationships, as priorities shift and attitudes towards people the individual was once close with change. If loved ones aren't aware of the fact that an addiction is taking place, they may take offense and quickly cut ties without fully understanding what is going on.

Legal Problems as a Result of Alcohol Addiction

Many legal problems can arise from alcohol addiction, but one of the most common ones we see is DWI's as a result of shifting priorities and concerns that now revolve around the need for alcohol.

In Texas, Driving While Intoxicated and Driving While Impaired are used interchangeably and are cited to an individual who was driving a vehicle with alcohol present in their system. Texas has a zero-tolerance policy when it comes to driving with alcohol content in the blood, so after three DWI citations, the offender is considered a repeat offender and has committed a felony.

Outpatient Programs at Sacred Oak Medical Center to Understand Alcohol Addiction

One of the key steps to recovery is understanding the root problems that lead to a chemical dependency. If you are struggling with alcohol addiction or have received a DWI before, we offer supportive outpatient programs, partial hospitalization programs, and intensive outpatient programs that help you understand more about your triggers and underlying causes. If you have received a DWI/DUI on more than one occasion, we offer a specially focused class for repeat offenders so they, too, can start their path to recovery. Addiction is just like other mental illnesses, it's not anyone's fault and with adequate treatment, recovery is possible. Please contact us if you are in need of an assessment.

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