Chemical Dependency Relating to DWI's and Helpful Programs for Adults at Sacred Oak in Houston

Chemical Dependency Relating to DWI's and Helpful Programs for Adults at Sacred Oak in Houston

When it comes to a chemical dependency on alcohol, it isn’t rare to see adults get cited with a DWI. Texas has a zero-tolerance policy for those who drive while intoxicated, so a DWI is a serious criminal charge because it’s clear that the driver lacked the mental and physical capabilities necessary to safely operate a vehicle, thus putting their life and others’ lives at risk.

Is Everyone Who Gets Cited With a DWI an Alcohol or Drug Addict?

While this is a common misconception, there may be some truth to it. We have found, at times, that if an individual is cited with a DWI, there is a high likelihood that a problem with substance dependency may be on the rise. True addiction occurs when an individual continuously drinks even though several problems–legal-wise, health-wise, and relationship-wise–have taken place. In the case of a Houston driver who is suffering from alcohol addiction, it is possible for them to have drank excessively and still decided to drive even though other methods of transportation were available.

Alternatively, a driver may have been cited with a DWI once before and faced the consequences, only to drive while intoxicated again and be cited a second time. If they receive a DWI citation a third time, this is a felony. The more often someone gets cited with a DWI, the more likely it is that they are, in fact, suffering underlying substance abuse and addiction. For adults who have been cited multiple times, we offer a DWI Intervention Program for Repeat Offenders.

DWI Intervention Program Paired with Outpatient Therapy for Adult Chemical Dependency

Our Houston DWI Intervention Program for Repeat Offenders has been approved and mandated by the Texas Court System and offers insight on individuals’ underlying chemical dependency. When in conjunction with our Intensive Outpatient Program, adults suffering from substance abuse or substance addiction can very well start their path to recovery and live a sober, more positive and healthy life.

Our Houston Rehabilitation Center Offers Resources That Encourage Recovery From Chemical Dependency

Substance abuse is an illness, not the result of ignorance, and no single case is the same as another. At Sacred Oak Medical Center we offer different classes and therapy sessions that our staff custom tailors to the individual to help them overcome their illness. If you or someone close to you is suffering from alcohol and drug abuse or addiction, please come in to get an assessment so we can determine which treatment plan is best.